Eco-friendly fabrics offered by MelFair

BCI Cotton:

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is an organization that promotes the regulated and sustainable cultivation of cotton. Thus, BCI cotton producers are committed to respecting the soil, using chemicals responsibly. They also limit the amount of water needed for cultivation. In addition, the social aspect is also highlighted in this initiative, thanks to the good working conditions offered.

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Organic cotton:

Organic cotton is the most ethical and environmentally friendly form. In fact, no production step is hindered by the use of chemicals.

All the eco-friendly cotton fabrics used in our clothing will satisfy you with their comfort and softness. Moreover, this material has a strong absorbent power and is hypoallergenic.


This natural fiber is responsible because the production requires very little water. In addition, its durability is a great ecological asset; the purchase of a linen piece is a long-term investment.

This material is known to be thermoregulating. It has, therefore, a good absorption capacity.

The only fear one might have is roughness. Therefore, we have decided to use linen as a rayon in some rooms, which brings comfort.


This 100% ecological and natural material is produced from wood pulp which makes it very resistant. Its production is characterized as a “closed loop”, particularly by the fact that all the products used are non-toxic and can be used over and over again.

Beyond the ecological advantages, lyocell has a good absorption capacity, a great softness, a lot of elasticity and an easy maintenance.

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Rayonne :

It is a material made from wood cellulose. Ecological thanks to its biodegradability, rayon is silky and light.

Like the other materials offered by MelFair, rayon has a high absorption capacity and is anti-odorous.